[cancelled] Vortrag: Futures Literacy & War, Riel Miller

Linz, 22. März 2022 – Futures Literacy ist die Fähigkeit, die es den Menschen ermöglicht, die Rolle der Zukunft in ihrer Wahrnehmung und in ihrem Handeln besser zu verstehen. Zukunftskompetenz regt die Vorstellungskraft an und verbessert unsere Fähigkeit, uns auf Veränderungen vorzubereiten, sich von diesen zu erholen und diese proaktiv zu nutzen (UNESCO – Futures Literacy). Inwiefern Futures Literacy im Kontext von Kriegsereignissen relevant sein kann, wird Riel Miller, ehem. Leiter Foresight und Futures Literacy bei UNESCO, durch seinen Vortrag zur Diskussion stellen.

Zu Riel Miller [EN]:

Riel Miller is one of the world’s leading authorities on the theory and practice of using the future to change what people see and do. He is recognized as an innovative and globally experienced project initiator, designer and manager. He is widely published in academic journals and other media on a range of topics, from the future of the Internet to transforming strategic processes. He is an accomplished keynote speaker and facilitator.

Riel Miller started his career at the OECD in Paris in 1982 in the Economics Department. Completed his PhD in Economics at the New School for Social Research in 1987. From 1985 to 1993 he worked for the Ontario Government, in the legislature and as a senior manager in the Ontario public service (Ministries of Finance; Universities; and Industry). In 1995 he returned to the OECD to work in the International Futures Programme and with the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation. In 2005 he founded an independent consultancy – xperidox (which means knowledge through experience) to advise public and private sector clients from around the world on how to use the future more effectively. From mid-2012 to early 2022 Riel served as Head of Foresight and Futures Literacy at UNESCO.

Book: Transforming the Future: Anticipation in the 21st Century

Publications available on ResearchGate


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