Advanced Module “Futures Literacy” at the CFD

Linz, October 14, 2021 – In face of the great feedback we will offer our course “Futures Literacy in Design and Technology Innovation” as a module, comprising a seminar and workshop, this winter term.

Students of all disciplines will be able to learn the skills and means to effectively create and explore alternative futures in a collaborative way. In particular, we will focus on three basic skills of futures literacy: (1) to use the future to bring unrecognized system assumptions to light, (2) to design knowledge creation processes to enhance collective sensemaking, and (3) to embrace an anticipatory mindset to nurture and grasp emergence as it happens.

As we strongly focus on practical learning, students will be provided with ample interactive learning opportunities in form of lab situations.

Here you can learn more about the seminar and the workshop.


Center for Future Design

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Professor Michael Shamiyeh

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Professor Larry Leifer
Stanford University

Professor Walter Brenner
Universität St. Gallen

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