ZEIT REISEN Forum at the Center for Future Design

Linz, October 19, 2021 – Participants in this year’s ZEIT REISEN Forum will gain insight into our activities at the Center for Future Design. From the event information:

Linz and Upper Austria will be the destination in October 2021 for our ZEIT REISEN FORUM, realized once a year with selected, innovative partners. Along the lines of “Overcoming Boundaries”, participants will experience the city, the landscape and its people with their visions and concepts for the future in the course of an eventful and enjoyable week. […] On the morning of October 19, you will meet the director of the Center for Future Design at the University of Art and Design Linz, Prof. Michael Shamiyeh, and immerse yourself in the world of thought of future researchers and designers. Here, renowned universities from Stanford to Beijing will join forces with top companies, artists and young people to explore ways of looking at, solving and inventing the products, processes and challenges of our world in new contexts through the interaction of technology, philosophy and art.

(c) Christian Holzinger via Unsplash


Center for Future Design

University of Art and Design
Hauptplatz 6
4020 Linz, Austria


Professor Michael Shamiyeh

Agnes Buchberger
+43 732 7898 - 2218


Professor Larry Leifer
Stanford University

Professor Walter Brenner
Universität St. Gallen

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