Sharing Desired Futures Conference,
May 10-14, 2023

DF6 in Linz

Turbulent times demand imagination to break new ground and the ability to build credibility for the new among all stakeholders. 

How can we make a future plausible that does not yet exist? This is the question we are exploring in this year’s conference with some 50 internationally renowned thought leaders. 

Join a series of conversations with the best from science, politics, art, and business and learn how they share their visions of a future that may not be obvious to others.

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Futures Literacy in Austria

We are honoured to be part of the pioneering summit presented below and have received great support by Austrian politicians and entrepreneurs.
As this video shows, among others we could win Federal Minister for EU and Constitution Karoline Edtstadler, as well as State Governor Thomas Stelzer and our City Mayor Klaus Luger for strong statements on Futures Literacy.

The summit


The UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit is a virtual event and will unfold over five days, consisting of:

High-level plenary sessions (Dec 8-9): Global futurists guide hundreds of live conversations on this important 21st century skill. Austrian keynotes are delivered by Upper Austrian State Governor Stelzer and Federal Minister for EU and Constitutions Edtstadler. Moreover, we have prepared the video above to be shown at the plenary sessions.

Expo Agora (Dec 8-9): In this virtual expo place, institutions present their work on Futures Literacy. You can find us presenting our activities at a virtual booth too.

Live Workshops (Dec 10-12): Im Zuge des Summits werden diverse Workshops und Labs zu einer Vielzahl an Themen angeboten.

Futures Literacy University Course

This term we introduced a new course on Futures Literacy in Design & Technology Innovation to our students – with great success. Learn about their profound ideas on futures literacy below:


Continue to learn more about this course.


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