Keynote bei der voestalpine Synergy Platform 2019

Berlin, 23. Mai 2019 – Shamiyeh als Keynote Sprecher der Veranstaltung zum Thema „Corporate Foresight and Transformation – How to Sense Desired Futures, Seize New Opportunities, and Reconfigure Internal Activities“.

“It was the best decision to have Michael Shamiyeh as a keynote speaker at the voestalpine global research and development conference in Berlin. He captured the audience completely with his lively presentation style and valuable content. We draw high benefits from our cooperation with Michael Shamiyeh. I only can recommend him – as an excellent speaker, for evolving a company’s innovation processes and for utilizing his help in trying out his methods for hands-on projects where conservative methods stall or fail.“ – Franz Androsch (senior vice president voestalpine)


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Professor Michael Shamiyeh

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Professor Larry Leifer
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Professor Walter Brenner
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