Foresight Journey

Foresight Journey

In this format, we guide our clients on their way to open up alternative attitudes and worldviews and to develop a higher level of innovation and leadership skills for a renewal process in their company. The exchange you have with our international network and cooperation partners from science and practice supports thinking and perception beyond the boundaries of your own company and makes contradictions and taboos of latent topics visible.

In 12 days of attendance, divided into 3 modules over 5 months, participants learn methods, procedures, techniques and tools that help

develop alternative ways of thinking, in order to recognize basic assumptions, values, and strategies of the company from a different angle and to call them substantially into question.

building up higher-level leadership skills, to mobilize the company at all levels to enable alternative orientation options or problem solving as well as

acquiring new innovation skills, in order to prototype a potentially new and future-oriented field of action in your own company context and to develop an understanding of the problem.

That which is learned is strategically and profitably used on a specific project within the company’s own core business. The focus is on long-term corporate success.

Other places where this learning has taken place are the universities of St. Gallen (CH) and Stanford (USA).


Due to current events we have to postpone the upcoming Foresight Journey. News will be posted in due time.

Explanatory booklet

Our explanatory booklet  for the upcoming Foresight Journey 2020/21 will soon be published.

The model


Finding orientation – How can we detect fields of innovation?


Creating future –
How can we develop new markets?


Leading change – How do we add value with the new?

Our participants

You feel a need for change. In day-to-day business, you have detected the weak signals that warn of upheaval.

You are looking for new paths. Old maps no longer provide orientation. Looking ahead, you want to draw new maps.

You empower your team. They have the freedom to develop, test, and anchor something new in the organization.


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Professor Larry Leifer
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Professor Walter Brenner
Universität St. Gallen

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