All big Austrian Universities gathered at the 48h Innovation Sprint at the Center for Future Design

Linz, May 24 to 26, 2019 – Klaus Fronius, owner and member of the supervisory board of Fronius International and member of the advisory board of the Center for Future Design, and his team (Daniel Fahrner and Harald Hofmann) invented a new technology to generate energy independently. We name it “aggregate” here. Having the size of a conventional PC, it is possible to generate approx. 16 kW power with help of a fuel cell, magnesium paste and water. The 48h Innovation Sprint aims at discovering and discussing potential applications of this new technology as well as their potential economic implementation.

This innovation process was open to students from different universities and disciplines. They were given the possibility to learn from executives of participating companies and contribute to discussions on eye level.

Collaborating companies:

Participating universities:


Center for Future Design

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Professor Larry Leifer
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Universität St. Gallen

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